Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor

And reap the benefits

The owners and operators of County Bluegrass see this festival as a true community. Most of our visitors stay for a whole week even though the festival doesn’t last that long. The amenities, the great music and the great people combine to make an unforgettable experience for many. But in order to maintain the level of customer service and satisfaction we need your help. The majority of our visitors stay in campers and rely on local vendors for their supplies for the week. Their loyalty to the Rogeski’s helps them decide where to shop and show their gratitude to our sponsors.

We rely heavily on our sponsors to make County Bluegrass what it has become. They play an important role in keeping the festival running for many years to come. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, pick up the phone and call 207-227-6242 today!

There are many benefits to becoming a sponsor including advertisements, special access and discounts for the festival. Take advantage of all of these and more when you sponsor events at County Bluegrass in Fort Fairfield, ME.

: Bluegrass Music was designed by Bill Monroe to use four simple chords, making is easy for anyone to play the music with their instruments, which is a common theme for all bluegrassers, whether they play, sing or just enjoy listening. This simple form of music has drawn in newcomers who marvel at the camaraderie around the bluegrass events. Be part of Bluegrass in the County! Each year our Festival has grown and is now one of the premier music events in New England.

2017 Sponsors:


MS Walker / Allens Coffee Brandy

MS Walker / Allens Coffee Brandy

CARY Medical Center<br/><br/>

CARY Medical Center

Pines Health Services<br/><br/>

Pines Health Services

Boucher Guitars<br/><br/>

Boucher Guitars